Expertise in Used-Vehicle Valuation & Forecast

Because we at Piston Intelligence specialize in multidimensional big data integration and econometric modeling, we are able to uncover the fair market value of used vehicles and provide the pricing standard for vehicle transaction: enhancing and maintaining the transparency of used-vehicle prices.

Valuation & Residual Forecast System

We have developed a comprehensive used vehicle valuation and residual forecasting system that provides fair market value and predicts vehicle residual values by model, version and VIN. Additionally, we further dissect key valuation and residual factors.

Improve Efficiency & Minimize Risks

We are able to improve efficiency in vehicle transactions and help minimize risk by offering objective data-driven used vehicle valuation and pricing, and residual forecasting, etc.

  • Risks Assessment
  • Business Negotiation
  • Residual Value Management
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Rental Portfolio Management
  • Auto Financing Interest Rate
  • Retail Value
  • Auction Value
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Insurance Claim

Accelerate the Circulation of Used Vehicles

Piston Intelligence provides objective VIN level vehicle used valuation and optimized pricing in the circulation.

NOTE : "P"stands for Pricing