Company Overview

Piston Intelligence provides comprehensive and quantitative analytics and decision-making support for automotive & its related industries based on its heavy-duty data processing, analysis, and management platform.

     Our headquarter is based in Guangzhou, with additional IT platform development, big data processing, and analytical team members co-located in Silicon Valley, Detroit, Montreal, and Beijing.

     Our core members have many years of BIC expertise in multi-dimensional data cleansing & integration, panoramic analysis, econometric modeling, business optimization development and application, as well as data platform establishment and management in automotive & other industries.

     Key founders of Piston Intelligence have more than 20 years of experience in statistical analysis, modeling and business applications in global automotive industry including North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. IT chief advisor is considered top expert in system architecture design and has 17 years of global industry experience and in-depth knowledge of financial industry, insurance, healthcare, airlines, logistics, and retail.

     We are the engine powering your success. Our proprietary methodology in statistical/econometric modeling and cutting-edge technology on data processing/management are the foundation for the Piston Intelligence analytics and decision support platform. We provide value-added services to our clients in both strategic and tactic decision making process throughout vehicle lifecycle, including new-vehicle pricing and C&I strategies, deep-dive market performance analysis, market scenario simulation, BP opportunities/risks assessment, used vehicle valuation & pricing, residual value forecast, rental/lease optimization, etc.

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The Leading Global Quantitative Analytics and Comprehensive Decision Making Support Platform


A Comprehensive Decision Engine Best-in-class Transformation

A Comprehensive Decision Engine
Best-in-class Transformation

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