Company Overview

Here at Piston Intelligence we have developed a comprehensive analytics and decision support platform for automotive & related industries specializing in intelligent pricing based on big data quantitative analysis.

     Powered by an intelligence engine that aggregates complex multidimensional data and platform technology, we uncover valuable insights about automobile pricing, market demand, promotion impact, used vehicle valuation/pricing and residual forecasting.

     Our headquarter is based in Guangzhou, with big data processing centers and additional analytical teams located in Silicon Valley, Detroit, Montreal, and Beijing.

     Our proprietary methodology in statistical/econometric modeling and cutting-edge data management platform are the foundation for the Piston Intelligence analytics and decision support platform. The system helps our clients in price-related key decision making process within vehicle lifecycle, from new vehicle pricing strategy, C&I planning, used vehicle valuation, residual forecasts, market demand quantification and market scenario simulation. We are the engine powering your success.


The Leading Global Quantitative Analytics and Comprehensive Decision Making Support Platform for Automotive & Its Related Industries


A Comprehensive Decision Engine Best-in-class Transformation

A Comprehensive Decision Engine
Best-in-class Transformation

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